Result: 34

Title Date Sector(s) Type Main theme
The economic crisis: a joint response by the social partners in commerce Dec 18, 2008 Commerce Joint opinion Economic and/or sectoral policies
CEMR/EPSU joint response to the Consultation of the European social partners for a review of the implementations of the Commission Communication and decision of 20 may 1998 Dec 18, 2008 Local and regional government Declaration Social dialogue
Restructuring in the Electricity Industry: A Toolkit for Socially Responsible Restructuring with a Best Practice Guide Dec 15, 2008 Electricity Tool Restructuring
Demographic changes in the European electricity industry. Toolkit for promoting intergenerational diversity and age management strategies Dec 15, 2008 Electricity Tool Non-discrimination
Common contribution of EuroCommerce and UNI-Europa Commerce. Migration & Mobility: challenges and opportunity for the EU education systems Dec 12, 2008 Commerce Joint opinion Training/lifelong learning
IRU and ETF revive the social dialogue on Logistics Dec 02, 2008 Road transport Declaration Training/lifelong learning
EFFAT-HOTREC Joint statement on the continuation of their work on the “European Qualification and Skills’ Passport” Dec 02, 2008 Horeca / Tourism Declaration Training/lifelong learning
Joint Statement - Workplace Health Promotion for Air Crew Oct 17, 2008 Civil aviation Declaration Health and safety
Joint statement by the Social Partners of the Chemical Industry on the European Union Emission Trading Scheme (EU-ETS) Sep 29, 2008 Chemical industry Joint opinion Sustainable development
CEEMET/EMF - European Sectoral Social Dialogue For the Sector of Metal, Engineering and Technology-based Industries - Rules of Procedure Sep 25, 2008 Metal Rules of procedure Social dialogue
Safety and health on board fishing vessels: For new vessels, free of dimensional constraints Sep 08, 2008 Sea fisheries Joint opinion Economic and/or sectoral policies
EMF Eurofer Position - Communication Competitiveness - Metals Industries Sep 04, 2008 Steel Joint opinion Economic and/or sectoral policies
Opinion on the communication from the Commission (COM(2007)591 final) to the European Parliament, the Council, the European Economic and Social Committee and the Committee of the Regions on the review of the social legislation with a view to more and bet… Jul 16, 2008 Sea fisheries Joint opinion Working conditions
Rules of procedure for the European sectoral social dialogue committee in the professional football sector Jul 01, 2008 Football Rules of procedure Social dialogue
Public service reform: what role for social dialogue? Jul 01, 2008 Local and regional government Tool Economic and/or sectoral policies
IEC-Woodworking and EFBWW position paper on the European Commission's proposal for a directive on the promotion of the use of energy from renewable sources Jun 10, 2008 Woodworking Joint opinion Sustainable development
Joint declaration by CoESS and UNI-Europa on work-related stress Jun 09, 2008 Private security Declaration Health and safety
Demographic changes and skill requirements in the European shipbuilding and ship maintenance sector Jun 06, 2008 Shipbuilding Declaration Training/lifelong learning
Supporting the reform process in local and regional government: A joint assessment of experiences with different forms of service delivery - Joint conclusions, June 2008 Jun 03, 2008 Local and regional government Declaration Economic and/or sectoral policies
Eurociett/UNI-Europa Joint declaration on the Directive on working conditions for temporary agency workers May 28, 2008 Temporary agency work Joint opinion Working conditions
Joint statement of the Extractive Industry Social Dialogue Committee on the Energy and Climate Package of 23 January 2008 proposed by the European Commission May 21, 2008 Mines Joint opinion Sustainable development
Memorandum on the 12-day derogation May 21, 2008 Road transport Joint opinion Working time
Joint conclusions on Restructuring, Change Management, Competitiveness and Employment May 21, 2008 Chemical industry Declaration Restructuring
Agreement concluded by ECSA and ETF on the maritime labour convention, 2006 May 19, 2008 Maritime transport Agreement Working conditions
Joint statement by UNI-Europa, EFFAT, ETUF-TCL and CoEss, Ferco, FENI and EURATEX "Towards responsible procurement" Apr 18, 2008 Multisectoral Declaration Social aspects of community policies
Joint EMF-EUROFER statement on the Commission's proposal to revise the European Emissions Trading Scheme (EU-ETS) Apr 14, 2008 Steel Joint opinion Sustainable development
Joint Statement on the Memorandum of Understanding on the social aspects of the Energy Community Apr 10, 2008 Gas Joint opinion Social aspects of community policies
European Social Dialogue Committee in the Postal Sector - Work Programme 2007/ 2008 on CSR Apr 09, 2008 Postal services Declaration Corporate social responsibility
EPSU-HOSPEEM Code of Conduct and follow-up on recruitment and retention of cross-border ethical staff in the hospital sector Apr 07, 2008 Hospitals Recommendation Working conditions
Joint PfE-CCRE/FSESP statement on the active inclusion of people furthest from the labour market. European Sectoral Social Dialogue Committee on Local and Regional Government Mar 19, 2008 Local and regional government Joint opinion Working conditions