Result: 11

Title Date Sector(s) Type Main theme
Joint Committee opinion on the Green Paper on a common approach to mobile and personal communications in the European Union Dec 05, 1994 Telecommunications Joint opinion Economic and/or sectoral policies
Opinion on harmonised European statistics on accidents at work in the telecommunications network operators sector Dec 05, 1994 Telecommunications Declaration Health and safety
Resolution on the economic situation of inland waterways in Germany, France and the Benelux countries and on measures for organising the transport market and monitoring equal social treatment Dec 02, 1994 Inland waterways Joint opinion Economic and/or sectoral policies
Joint statement by Hotrec and SETA-UITA on VAT and Employment Sep 12, 1994 Horeca / Tourism Joint opinion Economic and/or sectoral policies
Opinion on Directive 91/440/EEC Jun 28, 1994 Railways Joint opinion Social aspects of community policies
Memorandum of Understanding for a Social Dialogue Jun 17, 1994 Woodworking Rules of procedure Social dialogue
Joint opinion for better access for women to vocational training/lifelong learning in the textile and clothing sector Jun 16, 1994 Textile and clothing Recommendation Training/lifelong learning
Opinion on the Commission's consultation paper on ground handling services Apr 18, 1994 Civil aviation Joint opinion Economic and/or sectoral policies
Recommendation on working time for ground staff Mar 01, 1994 Civil aviation Joint opinion Working time
Opinion on the consultation of the social partners in accordance with the protocol on social policy Jan 28, 1994 Maritime transport Joint opinion Social dialogue
Notice concerning the safety requirements for the attachment, detachment, coupling and uncoupling of agricultural tractors Dec 21, 1984 Agriculture Joint opinion Health and safety