Result: 33

Title Date Sector(s) Type Main theme
Social partners' contribution to the European Commission's Green Book on the reform of the Common Fisheries Policy COM(2009) 163 final Dec 22, 2009 Sea fisheries Joint opinion Economic and/or sectoral policies
Joint Statement of the Social Partners of the European Leather Industry on the Greenpeace Report on the deforestation of the Amazon rain forest Dec 15, 2009 Tanning and leather Declaration Sustainable development
European social dialogue: New Member States and candidates countries of the European Union Dec 10, 2009 Chemical industry Declaration Social dialogue
Agreement between UNI europa and Eurociett to set up a European Observatory on crossboder activities within the Temporary Agency Work sector Dec 03, 2009 Temporary agency work Tool Social dialogue
Training for Temporary Agency Workers: Joint actions developed by sectoral social partners play a key role in facilitating skills upgrading Dec 03, 2009 Temporary agency work Declaration Training/lifelong learning
Joint sectoral contribution to the Commission’s Consultation On the future of transport Nov 30, 2009 Inland waterways Joint opinion Economic and/or sectoral policies
Joint Opinion on protecting creativity, innovation and jobs. Nov 30, 2009 Audiovisual Joint opinion Economic and/or sectoral policies
Joint position of the Social Dialogue Extractive Industries on COP 15 and its impact on EU extractive industries Nov 19, 2009 Mines Joint opinion Sustainable development
Joint declaration of The European social partners of the Furniture industry, EFIC UEA and EFBWW calling on the European and national authorities to support the industry in its confrontation with the economic crisis. Nov 18, 2009 Furniture Joint opinion Economic and/or sectoral policies
Prevention of third party violence in commerce - A practical guide Oct 21, 2009 Commerce Tool Working conditions
Tools Kit - Demographic Change, Age Management and Skills in the Gas Sector in Europe Oct 15, 2009 Gas Tool Training/lifelong learning
Creativity, Innovation and the role of the Cultural Sector. A joint statement on behalf of the European sectoral social partners “live performance” in the framework of the European Year on Creativity and Innovation 2009 Sep 30, 2009 Live performance Joint opinion Economic and/or sectoral policies
Private Security European Sectoral Social Partners statement to Expert Group on cross border transport of the euro cash Sep 28, 2009 Private security Joint opinion Economic and/or sectoral policies
Posting of construction workers in Europe: know your rights and obligations - Sep 25, 2009 Construction Tool Working conditions
Joint Declaration concerning Social Security Provisions in Inland Waterways Transport Aug 14, 2009 Inland waterways Joint opinion Social aspects of community policies
Framework agreement on prevention of sharps injuries in the hospital and healthcare sector Jul 17, 2009 Hospitals Agreement Health and safety
Joint UEA and EFBWW statement on formaldehyde emissions from panels used in the production of Furniture Jul 15, 2009 Furniture Joint opinion Health and safety
Response to the second stage consultation of the social partners under Article 138(2) of the EC Treaty on the reassessment of the social framework for more and better jobs in the EU Jul 08, 2009 Sea fisheries Joint opinion Working conditions
The global economic crisis and its consequences for the European construction industry Positive measures and concerns of the European Social Partners EFBWW and FIEC Jun 30, 2009 Construction Joint opinion Economic and/or sectoral policies
Joint CANSO-ETF Analysis of the ATM Social Dialogue Jun 30, 2009 Civil aviation Tool Social dialogue
EURELECTRIC / EPSU / EMCEF Joint Position on the Social Aspects of Corporate Social Responsibility in the European Electricity Industry Jun 22, 2009 Electricity Declaration Corporate social responsibility
European Agreement on the implementation of European Hairdressing Certificates Jun 18, 2009 Personal services Agreement Training/lifelong learning
Joint Declaration on Accident Prevention in the Postal Sector Jun 12, 2009 Postal services Declaration Health and safety
Joint Declaration on the application of the CER -ETF Agreement on a European Locomotive Driver's License Jun 10, 2009 Railways Agreement Training/lifelong learning
IRU - ETF Statement on the Economic Crisis May 14, 2009 Road transport Declaration Economic and/or sectoral policies
Joint Declaration on the Global Economic Crisis May 13, 2009 Chemical industry Declaration Restructuring
The impact of the financial crisis in the live performance sector - Joint statement by the European sectoral social partners ahead of the Employment Summit 7 May 2009 May 06, 2009 Live performance Joint opinion Restructuring
Joint Declaration on Training and Qualification in the Ground-Handling Sector May 05, 2009 Civil aviation Recommendation Training/lifelong learning
Charter for Just Culture in Aviation - European Civil Aviation Social Partners’ Charter for Continuous Improvement in Aviation Safety Mar 31, 2009 Civil aviation Recommendation Economic and/or sectoral policies
EFFAT-FERCO Contribution to the Guide on socially-responsible public procurement Mar 19, 2009 Contract catering Joint opinion Economic and/or sectoral policies